In a nutshell, car wrecking or scrapping means selling your vehicle for the worth of all its parts. It isn’t the same as taking to a landfill or selling it to some junk shop. And because a single car normally has about 30,000 parts, just imagine how much money you can make out it. You are now given an opportunity to grow your savings or spend on some things you don’t usually have a budget for – just by selling your old and junk car.

Advance Car Wreckers Melbourne has already been in this business for more than two decades. As a first piece of advice, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, the very first thing you need to do is understand perfectly what exactly lies in your hands – what does the situation call for. Have a goal. Choose whether saving time or saving money is your priority. By doing so, you’ll be able to gauge more or less what you really need to do. Now if you chose the latter, our team of expert car wreckers is here to provide you with some tips on how you can make the money out of selling your old ride:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is scrap-worthy.

While it is true that junk car wreckers  accept cars of all makes, year models, and conditions, you’d still have to make your own assessment if your vehicle really deserves to be scrapped. Having said this, if your goal is to get the most value, then it must go without saying that the age, model, brand, and condition of your car also matter. If your car is basically still in an operable and fairly good condition, then you could opt for selling it privately.


  1. Determine the value of your vehicle.

We are not telling you to have it appraised on your own. But once you’ve realised that your car is now worthy to be scrapped, then you have even an estimate of its value. You may do that by taking an inventory of all its good and bad parts. Because wrecking a car technically means selling it piece by piece, then you must know how


much all those parts are really worth. It’ll also help to jot down all the details of your inspection/observation. It’ll be handy whenever you’re speaking with professional wreckers in Melbourne.

3. Sell all the good parts yourself.

If you are confident about the condition of your car’s good parts, then the best way for you to make good money out of it is dismantling and selling those on your own. In that way, you’ll be able to dictate the price – how high or low you want it to be, is your call. If time isn’t really of the essence, then do this before actually calling for an old and junk car removal service. Anyway, those reputable car wrecking companies will still accept your car even if it has some parts missing. You’ll really have more chances of earning bigger if you do this.

4. Secure the vehicle’s title or registration.

Again, there are some legitimate car wreckers who may buy your car even if you have lost its title or registration after so many years. However, the trustworthy companies wouldn’t probably buy your car if you won’t be able to show some proof that the car is truly yours to sell in the first place. It’ll be a lot better if you could show them one of these documents so you wouldn’t have a hard time choosing a reliable car wrecking company. It is essential that you show them any proof that you didn’t steal that vehicle.

5. Get multiple offers.

If you haven’t known much about this industry yet, then we are telling you that you might be a bit overwhelmed with all the companies in the car wreckers Victoria market. And the easiest trick to make sure you’d get the most value for your old ride, is to make some effort in actually inquiring and getting price offers from different companies. In the same way, you shouldn’t only take note of their quotes. You must also compare their different offerings and services. Choose the one that offered you the best price and best customer service.

6. Personally take the car to them.

This will not only be a protection for you as their customer; but also, this will give you better chances of getting more cash for your car. Most companies provide free car removal services – even if you’re thinking that towing and transporting a vehicle is costly. Moreover, there are also car removal and wrecking companies that provide their clients a bigger price offer if they won’t have to travel with their crew to your location. Not only will you be saved from paying hefty car hauling and removal services, you’ll also be earning yourself a bigger amount of instant cash.


Now that you’ve learned all the things you can do to make money out of that old and junk car that’s been rotting in your garage for quite some time, then all you have to do now is make the very first move. That is, to detach yourself from your old ride and finally decide to let it go. You must know, delaying that very decision to wreck your car is simply like letting a bundle of cash wither away in your backyard. So don’t waste any more time and call the friendly and dependable experts at Advance Car Wreckers.

Just dial 0455 998 477 or simply click [here].

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